Psalms & Civic Responsibilities Perineal Advice from the Wisdom Literature IV

Authorship: Scholarship varies widely over with postmodern interpretations dismissing David as author. However, the pendulum is swinging back and some scholars are willing to attribute

An Autumn Trip – 2001 II

I headed east to De Queen, Arkansas, one of the first “pleasantvilles” that I would encounter on my trek through the “Natural State”, as they


Have you contacted your supposed elected officials and let them know to oppose legalizing Abbott or any other governor’s ability to act in this unconstitutional

No Vote

Where else has this occurred? No republican gets my vote without the 2020 election fixed even if endorsed by Trump. No participating in a known rigged

Our Lady Fatima- The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart IV

3rd Apparition of Angel of Portugal Fall 1916 Eucharistic & Marian Devotion Linked May 13, 1916 liturgical calendar > Our Lady of the Most Blessed

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