3 Cigar Comparison

A Guardian of the Farm


$ 8.70

Sweet clover, raisin bread

Medium brown wrapper 

Bulldog icon, gold & black band

Intermediate packed

Good draw, balanced, flavorful, no pepper 

Ted finds Guardian a bit harsh. Likes AVO better.

Duration 45min

B AVO Classic 


$ 9.50

Honey, allspice, sour apple

Medium brown wrapper 

Gold & dark gray flourish 

Little soft, burns faster

Good draw, tarry, unbalanced, I want Ted to take it:-)

Ted likes AVO over Guardian

Duration 30 min

C Ashton Symmetry Robusto (standard of excellence)



A bit more of a sour, vinegar note than A, B 

Medium brown wrapper 

Gorgeous turquoise band with red & gold flourish 

Tightly packed

Good draw, balanced, flavorful Ted finds draw harder, I’m an Ashton girl 

Duration 1 hr

Libation Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger Herbal Tea

70% humidity for a week