4 Last Things: Episode 2

Particular Judgment

  1. = The judgment passed on each human person immediately after death
  2. The general judgment will not change the particular judgment, only repeat the sentence before the transformed world
  3. The particular judgment is based on the free choices man has made throughout his life
  4. The 3 states possible are purgatory, heaven & hell
  5. The soul sees in an instant, sometimes before those people in the room realize the person is dead, his entire life without equivocation or excuse. The soul itself will know what choice it made in life and consign itself to heaven, purgatory or hell respectively.
  6. Only those souls completely detached of sins and its effects can stand to be in the holy presence of God. This state is heaven.

Ambrose, “To live in heaven is to be with Christ; where Christ is, there is life, there is the kingdom.” (CCC #1025)

  1. Purgatory = the state where the soul, having venial sins, is purified and made ready for the love of God and the company of saints. (cf 1 Cor 3:15 & 1 Pet 1:7)

1 Is a merciful recourse of God to allow for this process.

2 It is totally different from damnation and hell

  1. Three Parts of the church- Triumphant, those in heaven, Suffering those in purgatory, militant those on earth.

Gate leads to hell wide, gate to heaven narrow, wide enough for one person,

Me before the Lord

Complete truthfulness balance of scales

Weight of a Mass, excellent book for First Communicants

See both our sins and virtue, moments of grace given to us

Paul finished the race well, crown

Vulnerable mirroring Christ on the Cross before the Father