4 Last Things: Episode 3


Eucharist & Confession moments of preparation for both particular judgement & entry into heaven

Confession- particular judgment

Examination of Conscience before sleep forgive, fearful, judge, Paul gives a list

Holy Mass 2 places for forgiveness of venial sins beginning receiving Lord in Blessed Sacrament

Mother Church prepares her children

Approach of death not on of terror

Hail Mary, asks for her presence at the hour of our death

Fear of the unknown

Annunciation, Mary did not know, we who approach death can ask as Mary did, a holy fear

God longs for the moment when He can be our all in all, a great reunion

A greater glory awaits us, like Paul, not presumptuousness

Heaven great reward, overwhelming joy, intensity of happiness

Rev 21:5 “Behold I make all things new”

Eucharist this moment on earth body, blood, soul, divinity

Present without consuming ourselves

Ex burning bush fire present but did not destroy it

Our Lady overshadowed the the Holy Spirit, without losing her identity

Merit, opportunity for heaven is pure grace

But we have a role to play in meriting heaven by cooperating with Him

Chose to do good, active will

Great & merciful God

Tangible, human person, persona Christi “your sins are forgiven”

Eucharist tangible real object, hides Himself under a veil, not yet ready for full Reality

Heaven seems imaginary, but these tangible sacraments keeps the soul rooted in reality