A New Man- Set the Captives Free II

  • So the logical question is what did Jesus do? Followed by do we do greater ones than Him?

III The Works of Jesus: Healed the sick, cast out demons, raised the dead, preached the good news, and prayed intently. This our measuring stick and we cannot avert our gaze from its demanding standard.

IV Prayer, fasting alms giving. Knowledge of Christ, ignorance of Scripture, ignorance of Christ. Need to know Cross to know if we empty Cross of its power. We become blind to something so familiar. Absences help to appreciate. Know Him and do more than Him. Ask in My name I will do it. Have so much in our lives, hard to learn we have a need. Hard to know what to ask. Hope born from necessity. Essential element of Lenten time. Advent seems to be more hopeful. In the absence, penance hope becomes profound. Fasting absence of things, more deeply in tuned Christ like us to do. Awaken a recognition of what we lack

How do we become equipped to do the works of Jesus? That is the goal of a Christian life in general and Lent in particular. Transforming and renewing our lives to become more of Christ who resides in the believer.

  • Our minds, our expectations limit our appropriation of Christ’s mandate on our hearts.

  • If we begin with the premise that Christ is truth, the path, life then we have the courage to follow have everything, there is no imagination. Possess all material things limits Gods abundance. Lent profound break with surrounding seasons. Calls out of selves. Starkness of season. The green of nature appreciated in the dreariness of winter grey. In the lack need for savior and beauty of graces from the Cross.