A Proposed Letter to County Republican Party

{This is the one I sent, adapt it to fit your circumstances. Voting is not enough. Politicians do not fear the wrath of the electorate over that of lobbyists and other outside forces}

Call for Censure & Special Session

As an active member of the Bexar County Republican Party and a lifelong voting Republican, who has the right to call for a vote on censuring Gov Abbott as other State Republican parties have done? The censure resolution used by Montgomery County is in the addendum. Their points of objection to Gov Abbott were the same as my own in regards to the overreach by the executive branch. I also want to join for calling a special legislative session to discuss the state and counties response to the virus. Abbot is not king. He cannot override the process of enacting laws through executive order without serious and long-lasting consequences. What would happen if this precedent is allowed to stand and someone with even worse ideas sat in Austin? What happens when people cannot trust elected officials for telling them the truth? Cynicism, anger, law abiding citizens become law breakers.

The Republican party is devoted to ideas, not personalities. Free government, rule of law, reasoned discourse, personal responsibility. To be honest, it is hard to imagine what would really be much different if a Democrat was governor.

Texas ranks 17 in prolife https://www.lifenews.com/2020/01/27/louisiana-named-the-most-pro-life-state-in-the-country-vermont-most-pro-abortion/ , no progress on property taxes/public school funding, and very dismal help for those needing medical cannabis. All issues I have worked on and saw first-hand how duplicitous Abbott behaved.

Now, all over the country knows the poverty of Texan state leadership. A hermit priest in Canada reach out to me today, shocked about our state’s actions with mask ‘madates’. He had thought Texas was a beacon of surety.

Please keep me abreast of developments. It is really sad the terrible position with which Abbott has put Texan families. I have heard many, many stories about the hardships caused, including most recently, 7/10/20, a health care worker let go because of low hospital capacity. He was the primary breadwinner of the family. One of hundred’s ‘furloughed’ in Bexar County. I use scare quotes because call it furloughed, fired, laid off at the end of the day, money is not coming in which leads to domestic violence.

According to CDC flu/pneumonia deaths were 3,516 in Texas for 2018 which is most recent data. The current count for Texas is 2,918 deaths from Covid-19. Data is from UTSA source. This is a smaller number.

There is no epidemic. Gov Abbott knows these facts and yet chose to lockdown Texas. The death rate continues to plummet. This too is not a surprise. Flus season ends around February/March for Texas depending on the heat. July? Abbott is shutting Texas down over the flu in July.

Karen Early





The full Montgomery County resolution can be read below:

“WHEREAS, the preamble of Platform of the Republican Party of Texas declares, ‘We strive to preserve the freedom given to us by God, implemented by our Founding Fathers, and embodied in the Constitution’; and

“WHEREAS, Rule 44 of the Republican Party of Texas allows the party to censure a Republican office holder who takes three or more actions during a biennium in opposition to the core principles of the Republican Party of Texas platform; and

“WHEREAS, Governor Greg Abbott acted in disregard of the Texas Constitution Art. II, Sec 1, and the constitutional separation of powers when he exceeded his constitutional authority as governor by repeatedly creating law via executive order, bypassing the legislature in violation of RPT Principle 1, which supports, ‘strict adherence to the original language and intent of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of the United States and of Texas,’ and


“WHEREAS, Governor Greg Abbott exceeded his constitutional authority as governor by repeatedly creating law via executive order and awarding a $295 million contract for contact tracing without legislative approval or oversight, in violation of RPT Principle 4, which supports, ‘Limiting government power to those items enumerated in the United States and Texas Constitutions,’ and

“WHEREAS, Governor Greg Abbott mandated masks, limited gatherings, closed businesses, and mandated how people should conduct their personal interactions against their will under threat of fines, in violating of RPT Principle 5 which supports, ‘Personal accountability and responsibility,’ and

“WHEREAS, Governor Greg Abbott shut down private businesses causing millions of Texans to face unemployment, treating certain people as ‘unessential,’ further harassing small business owners with bureaucratic regulators, picked winners and losers, and devastated the Texas economy in violation of RPT Principle 9 which supports, ‘A free enterprise society unencumbered by government interference or subsidies,’

“THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, In accordance with Rule 44 of the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas, the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Montgomery County, meeting July 08, 2020, a quorum being present, by a vote of at least two-thirds present and voting, hereby censures Governor Greg Abbott, a public office holder representing the entirety of Montgomery County, for actions violating more than three of the core principles of the RPT platform;

“BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, We request this censure be considered and sustained by the delegates of the 2020 Republican Party State Convention assembled, and that the penalties provided in RPT Rule 44 be imposed.”