Advent: Episode 3


Week 3 Repentance John the Baptist pointing out the Lord’s coming and make straight crooked paths. Salvation is at hand, though his own knew him not. Let us by our hearts & lives recognize him

4 categories poor, captives, blind oppressed our honest assessment of our reality

Jesus needs our cooperation to save us

Week 1 2nd coming

Week 2 Hope Savior here

Week 3 Repent

Act of justice and mercy to define terms. Dialogue impossible without definition.

Repent from what? Repent for what purpose? Some things wrong never to be done.

Choices even if morally invincible, still lead to death

Confession 28 yrs firm amendment to change

Repentance only meant sorrow for yesterday without desire to avoid tomorrow

15 years of poor catechesis of confession, how difficult for modern catholic

People perish lack of knowledge

Priest won’t open door of confession for people

People need instructed on what to bring

Penitent must bring sins, need to know what they are

Beg priest don’t be afraid to tell us when sinning. Discipline sign of love.

Week 4 EF Lk 3:1-6 EO Locating the birth of Jesus within human history and John the Baptist preparing the way of the Lord. Not a spirit, amalgamation of apostles’ conscience.

The NO highlights the encounter of the Holy Spirit, the great gift of Jesus is presented. The Ascension was expedient/necessary, so that the Paraclete could be sent. Apostles prayed for 9 days, then they evangelized. So to in a preeminent manner at the Annunciation of Our Lady. The focus on Our Lady by the Church, is our best example of properly preparing for Christ’s coming. She pondered all within heart, then she did whatever He told her. Ora & labora. Contemplation & action.

Holy Spirit overshadowing Our Lady, her Yes.

Balance within liturgy, not temporal but truly eternal, Re-Present of God who Is. God did come.

Authentic spirituality, Real person, not ephemeral, creed, God-Man is tangible


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