How is our Lent going?

Laetare Sunday, half way mark

In Sinu Jesu On the Bosom of Jesus

Benedictine monk, France, locutions of our Lady before the Blessed Sacrament

The Lord needs our trust not our input. Faith in Him.

So few people spend time in Adoration. Adorerer, particularly the priests not adoring.

2003, Angelica Press, coming purification of priesthood

2002 scandal, did not have internet, laity did not have access to information

10 yr conversation, the problems we have today

Solution, adoration, Eucharist, Our Lady helpful for Lent

St. Joseph and Feast of the Annunciation Solemnities beautiful, natural desires loves to children

Two mini joys within Lent, a bit of a break, purpose of purgation is eventual joy. Mini respite

Mass, Lenten Mission, morning Masses, confession, amazing grace, sang Gloria at mass, name it to claim it. Rejoicing at lunch with Nutella.

St. Patrick on Sunday big party, stop thinking of generic Irish, Man sold into slavery, kidnapped, finally makes escape, Lord calls him to bring gospel to go back

St. Isaac Jogues & St. Jean de Brebeuf, though severely tortured, can love with the heart of Christ. Easy to become lost in revenge, see with eyes of faith. Believer all happen to the good

Fiat, ascent to the will

Patrick & Augustine in the garden

Patrick from a noble family, time 100 x in morning and night. Not our encounters. He comes to us in a garden Augustine, savage meadow under conditions of slavery. Personal encounter with Christ changes everything.

Perspective. Doesn’t emanate from the self.

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