Annunciation Pt3

Throne name Hail Full of Grace, throne name, Gabriel title Kecharitomene (Lk 1:28)

Perfect past principle have been , past tense with application to the future, completeness of grace with a permanent result for all of eternity, radiatges presence from the past into the present

Royal title, Hail deferential to someone above you.

SS God made you little less than the angles. Humans need to leanr through trial and effot beatific vision.

Angels perfect intellect and not concupiscence

Deferential title, theoretical prior to Mary in terms of ontology, elevated above. Singular grace.

Angels dane to Queen of Angels and man

Paucity of words depth of meaning discerned and comprehended.

The Immaculate Conception, she is , not given.

Trinity not in SS, Hail full of grace profundity of dogma and doctrine gleaned from that.

Queen Mother, Edward Sri, Christ is she is Queen office ongoing from line of David

Christ King of Angels, so to, Mary is Queen of Angels

Angels see Mary with spiritual eyes, vision, as they do with us.

Queenship in modern world lost awareness of only tie is Elizabeth to House of Windsor, she is an anomaly, anachronistic relic that lingers on

Kingship of Our Lord, Queenship of Mary perfect passive, filled with but remains perpetually, how does one sever a queen.

We don’t understand kings, tend to have a negative view, Mary and Her Son enthroned in our hearts.

We are not peasants in the kingdoms, inheritors. CS Lewis Chronicles get a sense of us being kings and queens

7 Sorrows of Mary

Paul thought sufferings today for eternal joy a fair-trade

Prophecy of Simeon

Flight of Egypt

Loss of Jess in Temple

Way of the Cross

Dies on the cross

Receives the body

Place body in the tomb

Mary had astounding amount of grace yet pondered things in her heart. She learned things temporally through time,

Pain is instructive. Hand in the flame only once, learn through pain fullness of who we are. Permanent knowledge never goes away.

Stations of the Cross an instruction manual how we should approach our Lord. Learned

Heb 5:8 Although he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered

Our Lady didn’t need sufferings, full of grace perfect knowledge and counsel gained from it.

Questioning in a desire to know truth, and not accusational. No animosity of antagonism. Whatever wisdom Our Lord choses to impart to allow us suffer like that.

To be about the will of my Father

Fiat asked question, given answer, asked no more, sufficient.