Anti Pope

“ The act of Pope Benedict in renouncing ministerium instead of munus, is an act which is no where found in Canon Law. Therefore it is an actus nullus. That is, it is not a a canonical act. Therefore, each of us is obliged not to act on it. We are also obliged to bring to Pope Benedict’s attention that the act is null.

So they next time they tell you to shut up or stop judging, that you are a sedevacanists, etc. etc. etc., reply, no, I am merely using Canon 41 as is my right and duty, to respond to Pope Benedict XVI’s administrative act in a reasonable and just way.

Finally, you can add that Archbishop Lenga and Bishop Gracida, both Catholic Bishops in good standing, hold the same opinion as yourself.

Oh, and since Pope Benedict XVI still pope, then it follows necessarily that Bergoglio is an Anti-Pope. And you can declare the same thing, in virtue of the consequences of Canon 41.”

Canon 41 gives every Catholic the right to declare Bergoglio an Anti-pope

“ Today is the seventh anniversary of a day that will live in infamy.

A day of wickedness and flippancy.

A day wherein the Cardinals of the Catholic Church showed their utter contempt for:

  1. Pope Benedict XVI
  2. The Catholic Faith in the Papacy
  3. The Canons of the Catholic Church
  4. The Papal Law on Conclaves
  5. Common sense

Let me explain why I say this, point by point, in reverse order.”

A 7th Anniversary of shame!

Wolf in Sheep ClothingWicked shepherds

“ It is obvious by now, that if anyone on the planet ,who had common sense, sat down and talked to Bergoglio for 15 minutes, he would realize that he is not a fit candidate to be Roman Pontiff.

But the College of Cardinals had been housed together with him for two weeks prior to March 13, 2013.”

A 7th Anniversary of shame!