“ But, be assured that I have sympathy for you and want to accompany you in your pain. I feel for you. You did not participate in the Conclave of 2013, so its not canonically your fault that Bergoglio is a usurper and will go down in history as an Antipope. And I can understand fully your internal conflict that your name will go down in history as the faux Secretary of State of an Antipope.

But there is a way to fix this. And it is not by having your sostituto tell the police in the Piazza di San Pietro to attempt to charge me with everything in the book. That looks bad. And a reporter from the Associated Press saw it all. So did the AP camera crew. It even looks worse when the police who took me away did not know the definition of a Catholic priest or what clothing is worn by priests, or even that only priests represent the Church not Franciscan brothers or hermits.

But I can let you in to a big secret. The way around all your problems is being honest with Jesus Christ and with yourself. Just admit that all those around you made a mistake and in good faith you assumed your current duties. You are just as much a victim as the rest of us, who were deceived by a Tweet put out by Giovanni Chirri at 11:58 A.M. seven years and one day ago. And, besides, it is easy to blame everyone else, the doing of which in your case would — ironically — actually be a virtue!”

Br. Bugnolo’s Open Letter to Parolin