Audit Every County

Opinion from TruthHammer on the Future of Election Audits:

What comes after the 2020 fraud is fully exposed? How do we stop elections from being rigged again?

🔥👉Mandatory Audits for Every Election👈🔥

Public companies are required to build the cost of regular audits into their operating costs. It’s not hard, and would represent a tiny fraction of the money politicians spend on getting elected.

Why should the very mechanism of government that empowers the few to rule over the many be exempt from validation?

Why would normal corporate business be held to a higher standard than those who make our laws?

Which has greater potential to do harm to the public if abused?

If you are an honest politician do you gain power from transparency?

If you are a crooked politician do you lose power from transparency?

The people giveth (power),

and the people taketh away.

Please demand mandatory election audit laws. 🙏