Aug 18-24, 2018 Part I

Secret Archives

” Furthermore there is to be a secret archive in every diocese where more sensitive materials are kept (cc. 489-490). The canons specify very few specific items that must be kept in the secret archives. These include internal forum matrimonial dispensations (c. 1082), secret marriages (c. 1133), dispensations from impediments to orders (cc. 1047-1048), decrees of dismissal from religious life (c. 700) and documents relating to the loss of the clerical state by dismissal, invalidity of orders or dispensation (cc. 290-293). Also the records of canonical penal trials involving matters of morals are to be kept in the secret archive.”

RICO <> Attorney General Grand Jury Investigations- Statewide

What else can the government do given then circumstances?

“New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood appears to be laying the groundwork for a grand jury investigation into clerical sex abuse and cover-up in the Empire State.

Sources are telling Church Militant that, based on the findings of the Pennsylvania grand jury investigation, various state attorneys general — with Underwood in the lead — are considering launching investigations into clerical sex abuse and cover-up in their own states.”

“After Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro released the grand jury report about child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson is likewise encouraging victims of clerical sex abuse to contact authorities.

In a news release on Thursday, the state attorney general’s office issued an “important reminder to all Nebraskans,” calling on citizens to report allegations of sex abuse to authorities. The statement provides phone numbers for the Nebraska Child Abuse Hotline and the Nebraska Crime Stoppers Tip Line.”

A murder possibly tied to the scandal occurring in Texas. Body of Missing Priest Allegedly part of Gay Network Reportedly Found in TX

“On the question of possible RICO violations, if that were to begin, it would be an almost certainty that the hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars flowing to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops each year would cease immediately — likewise with various state bishops’ conferences, which also get millions in federal money.

The financial impact of a RICO investigation by the U.S. Justice Department would essentially….

 A misleading title. In fact, there is no way for the faithful to know what has been paid out. A best guess is all the laity has at this point.

“Clergy sex abuse of children has rocked the Catholic Church not only in terms of trust and reputation, but also financially, to the tune of more than $3 billion, according to National Public Radio.

“Anderson called for reforms including an investigation of clergy sex abuse by an independent commission that includes laypeople, transparency by church leaders on all matters of criminal sexual misconduct and an independent ethics hotline for the reporting of misconduct.”

I am heartened to see IF a couple more states join this effort, which I expect the states attorney generals to do, RICO & Jeff sessions will come into play.

““Today, I have received a letter from the archbishop confirming that he and the archdiocese will open to my office their files and will allow us to conduct a thorough, impartial review of potential clergy abuse in the Archdiocese of St. Louis,” Hawley told reporters in an afternoon telephone news conference.

“So we intend to gather extensive evidence from the church, as well as from victims and their families and other persons who are not associated with the archdiocese. At the conclusion of this investigation, my office will issue a formal report setting out our findings. That report will also include any charging recommendations based on the evidence we discover in our investigation.”

Hawley said the investigation will be staffed by career prosecutors and led by Christine Krug, head of the attorney general’s public safety division and a longtime sex crimes prosecutor in St. Louis. He said he was heartened by the archdiocese’s willingness to cooperate with his office and permit “a thorough and fair investigation. “

 Another state involved. “One thing that’s a little unique in Wyoming is we don’t have a statute of limitations like other states have,” he said. “We’re aware that people may have reported things in the past, but maybe it felt at the time that their claims were discredited or not given the attention that they merit. We really want to assure people that we are taking all claims, all reports and investigating them fully.”Read more here:

How many states does it take to trigger RICO?

“Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said Thursday, “The Catholic Church has a moral obligation to provide its parishioners and the public a complete and accurate accounting of all sexually inappropriate behavior involving priests,” going on to announce a probe into all six dioceses in the state.”

“The threat of multiple grand jury investigations being launched across the nation, as well as speculation of a possible RICO prosecution from the Department of Justice — a move that would have enormous financial consequences for the Church in America — have caused the Vatican to send an investigator to the United States. Archbishop Charles Scicluna, whose previous investigation into sex abuse cover-up in Chile led to the Chilean bishops’ mass resignations, is reportedly being sent to the United States for an apostolic visitation.”