Back to Future- NOT

I don’t think the recent CYA Bishop Retreat has got it, yet. This is not 2002 Cupich.

CATHY: The career of Mc Carrick is a clear signal to LE that this is a systemic problem. Far too many people had first-hand knowledge of what was happening and turned a blind eye to the situation.

REGINA: Scary.

CATHY: His is a clear case in which others were complicit in his abuse of others and could have possible aided him in that abuse. Not only by covering up for him, but by procuring victims for him, supplying locations for the crimes he committed to take place, funds for his various travels.

REGINA: Terrifying, and infuriating.

CATHY: It’s extremely difficult to not be angry at how Mc Carrick was in many ways rewarded for his behavior. There are many aspects of Mc Carrick’s career that indicate it’s probable that he and other members of the clergy likely did and still do take part in a variety of crimes — included but not limited to embezzlement, money laundering, and multiple forms of trafficking.”

The Dems got the Catholic vote. What did the hierarchy get in return? What percentage of the bishops’ budget comes from the US government? What role does illegal immigration play in the money numbers?

“However, while this sort of trickery might have worked in the 1970s or 1980s when liberal American Catholics could sit in their comfortable all white suburbs and small towns fantasying about themselves as civil rights crusaders, the Trump era is a much different animal. We are in a crisis situation in our country in which the Bernardin era issues of “poverty” or “nuclear disarmament” have been replaced by the urgency of our survival as a country.

As 2020 approaches, American Catholics under the cloud of humiliation resulting from the abuse scandals (many of which are fallout from the Bernardin era) and a constant barrage of rewarmed theological Marxism from the See of Peter itself, will be tasked with the burden of not only making America, but the Church, great again.”

The Lord will not be mocked. It is irrelevant what the Vatican does or does not do. There was a window of opportunity which has long since passed. It is not 2002.

“Because the initial case against McCarrick seems to be crumbling, Grein’s sworn testimony last week to Church authorities conducting the Vatican’s investigation into McCarrick’s long history of sexual predation may soon become the cornerstone –– and the last hope –– for any canonical action to be taken by the Holy See against McCarrick.

Though canon law may be lenient on McCarrick for his despicable sexual abuse of the altar boy in the sacristy of a St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grein’s abuse occurred during confession, which canon law views as a capital crime.”