Back to the Future

Look for more of the innocent to swept up with the guilty. This is the result of silence. It would have been better for all in 2002 to purge the Church of filth. But it did not happen. Now, it will be indiscriminate.

“Does all this amount to a cover-up? Both of Barbarin’s predecessors took the decision not to suspend Preynat from his priestly obligations for a double reason: rightly or wrongly, they thought he would not re-offend, and there was no complaint, either civil or before the Church. This does not mean that they should not have been more prudent, but Barbarin does appear to a certain extent to have been made into a scapegoat.

I can think of ordinaries being groomed under Bernadine’ s apparatus & Mahony. One typically promotes those who are of like mind and behavior. Yes, back to the future.

“Such are the allegations against Nienstedt himself, multiple archdiocesan officials, according to the documents, insist that Nienstedt overlooked Wehmeyer’s actions because the two of them were sexually engaged.

Nienstedt flatly denies that claim, but the record says differently.

At the very least, Nienstedt looked the other way in Wehmeyer’s case and allowed his homosexual predation to continue essentially unchecked.

The Ramsey County attorney eventually brought charges against the entire archdiocese, a first ever in U.S. history that the Church itself was charged.

Whether it was extreme negligence, or actual homosexual activity with various priests, including Wehmeyer, it all goes back to his days in the seminary in Detroit, where priest after priest was ordained accepting that clerical homosexuality — including acting on it — was perfectly fine.

And the scary thing about Detroit, in particular, is that it was known as a “bishop factory,” with an outsized number of clergy going on to be named bishops, many of whom are currently serving as heads of dioceses.

This raises the very serious question: If a man like Nienstedt could fly under the radar for so long, how many of his classmates who are bishops, or men at the seminary at roughly the same time are also of like mind?”

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