Banana Republic

To have a Republic not a Banana Republic in this order of importance. #3 is irrelevant if 1&2 are present, which they are. Liberty requires eternal vigilance. 1. Voter integrity 2. No tax payer $$ used in political campaigns (e.g. PP) 3. Field good candidates, crafted message, boots on the ground.

“Is it any wonder that Democrats are now refusing to support even the rudimentary step of securing the southern border? As California has shown, an army of noncitizens can help sway elections. And keeping the border open will only bring in more.”

Voices must be raised to secure the integrity of voting.

“If illegal voters have been responsible for electoral outcomes, including in Pennsylvania, where the evidence of fraud is there, it effectively means that foreigners have decided our elections for us.

Democrats may like that, but the rest of us do not. It’s time to reinstitute President Trump’s voter fraud boad, which IBD said, was scuppered because of non-cooperation of blue states – and use some muscle to either get compliance on clean vote rolls, or else put those states on notice that their electoral college votes won’t be accepted. Every time a state gets audited, amazing amounts of fraud are turning up. “

Defund money laundering, tax washing PP. They receive a sizable part of their operating budget from the American taxpayer, all of us, to turn around and support particular candidates. Illegal. This is how Banana Republics operate.

“In total, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes — the arms of the Planned Parenthood Network allowed to engage in electoral politics under tax regulations — spent almost $6.5 million in outside spending supporting the election of Democrats to both houses of Congress in the 2018 midterm and special elections, according to FEC records compiled by OpenSecrets.”

For the first time, I registered with my county Republican Party. We have offered our time to monitor elections. The radical liberal dystopia is a full frontal assault on fides et ratio.

“The following list is certainly not complete, but a mere beginning to the stark realities that we face here in America, and why I think we have, in many ways, already achieved the status of Banana Republic.”

No more cheaters. Otherwise we have leaders who are selected not elected. “Texas law does not require verification of a voter’s statement that they are a citizen, leading to the thousands of people illegally voting.”


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