Personnel determines policy

“ We have seen time and time again clerics rise under Pope Francis not in spite of their corruption but because of it. Sandri is cut out of the same cloth as Cardinal Kevin Farrell, who will also serve an important role at the next conclave. Last year Pope Francis named Farrell to the position of camerlengo, which makes him responsible for the running of the Vatican during the period between the pope’s death and the next conclave. Farrell has the distinction of having covered up for not only Theodore McCarrick, with whom he lived for five years (Farrell was one of McCarrick’s auxiliary bishops), but also Maciel, in whose order he once served. Farrell has unsuccessfully tried to downplay his association with them.

But he needn’t bother. The pope clearly doesn’t care. He prefers compromised subordinates, as that makes them easier to control. That was his modus operandi in Buenos Aires, too. He would surround himself with corrupt men whom he had rescued from various troubles, which would in turn make them fiercely loyal to him.

Farrell may even receive another promotion this year to the Congregation for Bishops, which would make him alongside Cardinal Blase Cupich the second most powerful bishop-maker in America. Farrell, Cupich, Joseph Tobin, Donald Wuerl — they all remain in power, despite their evil collaboration with Theodore McCarrick, which guarantees that the Gay Mafia will only increase in size.”

Personel determines policy. What do to with liars?

 Steve Skojec at OnePeterFive also warned that the exhortation is no victory for faithful Catholics.

“In fact, the document does not even mention the words ‘viri probati’ or ‘ordination’ or ‘celibacy.’ But that doesn’t mean the problem is gone,” he wrote.

“Most people prepared today to read the exhortation as a standalone document. That would ordinarily be a sensible approach, but in this case, it’s not possible to do so,” Skojec continued.

“At the outset, Francis makes clear that he is presenting not only the exhortation, but also the synod’s final document — with the language” from the final document that proposes, in the words of the document, “to ordain as priests suitable and respected men of the community with a legitimately constituted and stable family.”

According to Skojec, the “bottom line, when one connects all the dots, is that there is nothing to celebrate here. Those who were concerned with the final document have just been told that it is now a part of the pope’s magisterium.”

“One of the prelates chosen to present it has answered plainly that its proposals are still in play. Nothing has been taken off the table,” he added.

Fr. James Martin, SJ, the pro-LGBT editor-at-large of America magazine, issued a six-minute video statement, in which he too suggested that Pope Francis had left the door open to serious changes.

“… Pope Francis is officially presenting the Synod’s final documentalong with Querida Amazonia, so it accompanies the exhortation as part of his teaching,” Martin said.

“That may mean that the Synod’s proposals are still up for discussion in the future. In any case, the question of the official status of proposals included in the Synod document, but not explicitly endorsed in the exhortation, should probably be left to canon lawyers,” he continued.”

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