Blogs I Enjoy Fred Martinez has substantiated insights insight to Church affairs. John Zmirak has a news aggregate site, which I use for research. Praying Medic’s blog is a combination of faith (baptized Catholic who has renounced the institutional Church) and reason presented in a calm manner. Dave looks at life from a theological and rational perspective. Fides et Ratio Fr. Z’s Blog Father generally posts a very few articles each day but gives each article an in-depth analysis. Msgr. Charles Pope gives honest assessment and spiritual reflection. I believe he coined the term ‘weaponized ambiguity’. Fr. Regis Scanlon posts 1 in-depth article per month that is worth a read. T&T Taylor & Tim are a well-balanced pair of intelligent Catholics commenting on the affairs of the Church today.  Brian Williams site always post my favorite traditional priest, Fr. Donald Kloster. My name is Rene Henry Gracida. I am a Roman Catholic bishop. I am Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, having served as the Fifth Ordinary, or Diocesan Bishop, of that Diocese from May 19, 1983 until my retirement on April 1, 1997 Bp Gracida has a knack of finding interesting articles from a wide variety of sources. Edward Peters is an excellent canon lawyer. I enjoy reading his opinion. Dave Nix is a hermit in good standing with Denver Diocese (as of June 10, 2019)  Jennifer Roback Morse tackles the thorny issues of the sexual revolution and the concomitant victims.

https://spiritdailyblog.comThis is a news aggregate site. The praise reports of Divine healing are uplifting.’s Blog features rational opinion within the framework of the faith.