To lay my cards on the table, I like Ratzinger’s theology, but I I think he was a coward in the face of wolves. I also did not take his pitiful plea for prayers for the SOS they were. I really, really wish we could have a complete redo on the Franciscan papacy.

“I mean frankly, (BXVI) was actually snippy about it. Clearly these questions annoy him.


He’s made it clear time and time again as of those close to him that he’s just not the pope anymore. If you want to argue that he’s made serious errors in judgment by wearing white and retaining some of his titles and so on, if you think as he put it, there’s a better way, I agree with you. But none of that is material to the ontological reality we face of who the pope is.”

…. “When he stepped out on that loggia, countless Catholics were given the signal grace in that moment to recognize that something was very, very wrong. But at the same time the authority of the Universal Church every bishop in the world — without exception — presented him to the faithful as pope. At that moment. And so we are left with no recourse but to acknowledge this fact. There are no take backs, not even for bad popes.”https://onepeterfive.com/1p5-minute-ep-11-who-is-the-real-pope/


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