Californian Dreaming

Awful. Californians take your state back. Voter Integrity & Dark Money are your roadblocks.

“ Samantha Wylie, San Clemente’s recreation manager, said local police had been deployed to patrol the area and inform skaters of the skate park’s mandated closure prior to the city’s decision to enforce social distancing at the skate park with sand.

Other cities have similarly obstructed skaters’ use of other skate parks, said Wylie, noting that some authorities have used mulch and hay.”

I remember when Cali was red. Smelt better then.

“ But the blowback goes beyond protests. The Orange County cities of Huntington Beach and Newport Beach have taken steps to bring lawsuits against California Governor Gavin Newsom for closing only OC beaches. Orange County Supervisors are weighing their options against Newsom’s “abuse of power.” The sheriff says he won’t arrest anyone breaking Newsom’s edict against going on the beaches.

It comes down to this: they have come to tell their state government “that it has forgotten its place.”

They want to knock Newsom off his high horse.”

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