Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities should not be funded by government! – Refugee Resettlement Watch

A vast network of foundations, non-profits, government entities and political organizations have a vested interest in the continued growth of the resettlement of refugees in America. Because they receive billions of dollars in federal grant money, publicly-financed, tax-exempt organizations have significant incentives to support political candidates and parties that will keep these programs alive. These organizations need to be thoroughly audited and the current network of public/private immigrant advocacy and resettlement organizations needs to be completely overhauled. Resettling refugees should be a voluntary, genuinely charitable activity, removing all the perverse incentives government funding creates.”

Excellent analysis. “The Stream’s John Zmirak joined Catholic author Taylor Marshall to talk about why American Catholic leaders are so quiet on moral issues like abortion and sexuality, but so loud on immigration, welfare programs, and other topics dear to the Democrats.”


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