Catholic Hierarchy

“ A prosecutor in Argentina has asked for international assistance in apprehending suspected sex offender Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, who is believed to be residing in the Casa Santa Marta, the modern hotel in Rome in which Pope Francis also lives.

María Soledad Filtrín Cuezzo is the prosecutor of sexual crimes for the northwestern Argentine city of San Ramón de la Nueva Orán. She has resorted to asking for foreign help because Zanchetta has not responded to telephone calls or emails sent to the number and address provided by his defense team. The bishop emeritus of the diocese of Nueva Orán, Zanchetta has been charged with the sexual assault of two seminiarians.

Named bishop of the diocese of Nueva Orán in July 2013 by Pope Francis, Zanchetta resigned in August 2017 citing health reasons. However, in December 2017, Pope Francis appointed the retired bishop the “Assessor” to the Administration of the Apostolic See. Catholic News Agency reported that this was “a position specially created” for Zanchetta. ”