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The Church blackout is unprecedented.

“ the specialist in hygiene and preventive medicine explained how such a drastic decree constituted a fatal rupture with “the continuity of the 2,000-year history of the Bride of Christ, who has never been afraid of viruses and bacteria,” while on the contrary, “many great saints of the past went out of their way to assist the sick, including those with infectious diseases much more terrible than the current virus pulmonary.”

“ Although I’m grateful for televised Masses for shut-ins, I can’t watch the Mass on TV without being disturbed and upset. Why is that, I’ve wondered? This morning, as I was praying, and reading St. Jean Vianney’s 25th Eucharistic Meditation (on attending daily Mass) as the “sermon,” I received the answer.

Watching a video of a priest saying a private Mass emphasizes to me that our bishops and priests (and the pope) have abandoned us. Of course I’m glad priests are still praying the Mass privately. I believe the world would end without it. At the same time, I think the bishops are acting like hirelings in many cases, fleeing the “wolf” of the virus and leaving the sheep to fend for themselves as best we can.

The clergy, from the pope to the loneliest priest in the world, can continue to be physically fed by the Eucharist while the sheep starve. Instead of looking for creative ways to offer the Mass (like the drive-in services encouraged by our evil governor — what an irony!) bishops suspended all public Masses even before state governments required it.

Oh…but our shepherds remind us to keep sending in our money because the churches where we are restricted to no more than ten at a time (if we aren’t locked out altogether) still need to pay the bills.

Get out the violins.

Larry and I have been discussing it.  We think we will imagine ourselves putting our monthly donation in the basket until the real basket reappears. A spiritual donation (We pray for our priests, deacon parish family) seems appropriate, while we give a real donation to groups like Mercy Chefs who are feeding real people with real food.”



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