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A preplanned media stunt. Not a spontaneous expression of piety. Why?

“ Dr. Taylor Marshall revealed in a March 27 interview with Alexander Tschugguel, the young Austrian man who removed the pagan idols from the church and threw them into the Tiber, his role in the story for the first time. Marshall not only helped plan the purge, but he provided funds to see it accomplished (see comments beginning at 106:41 here).

Marshall explained that the Pachamama idols were not the first objects of his and Tschugguel’s mission to free the ongoing Synod on the Amazon from its pagan elements.”

“ Dr. Taylor Marshall, charter member of Trad, Inc., isn’t the slimiest of that lot – a distinction that belongs to any who would deliberately play both sides of important issues in order to maximize personal income – but he’s certainly not a straight shootin’, truth tellin’ choir boy rendering selfless service to the Church either.

His apparent motto and field of expertise? ABM: Always Be Marketing.

As reported by LifeSite News, another charter member of the aforementioned mockingbird media movement, Marshall recently revealed that he was secretly in cahoots with Alexander Tschugguel, the celebrated Pachamama-slayer-turned-prophet:…”

What does Pellman know? Vatican $$$?

“ The High Court of Australia has acquitted Cardinal George Pell of his convictions of historic child sexual abuse and ordered his release from prison, in a unanimous descion by the court’s seven justices.

“I hold no ill will to my accuser,” Pell said in a statement. “I do not want my acquital to add to the hurt and bitterness so many feel.”

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