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“Grygiel was first a student of the then-Father Karol Wojtyła at the Catholic University of Lublin and in due course was the friend of Pope John Paul II. After 10 years of lecturing at a pontifical theological college in Kraków, he and his wife Ludmila moved to Rome. His academic career in Rome began in 1980, and despite being a senior figure at the Pontifical Institute for Marriage and the Family, and its replacement, the current institute founded by Pope Francis, he was dismissed from the faculty in July. This and other surprise changes to the Institute are, Grygiel believes, indicative of the tension between those who read Amoris laetitia in the light of the Catholic faith and those who read the Catholic faith only in the light of that tendentious papal encyclical. “

“Vatican City’s deficit stood at 70 million euros, or $76 million, in 2018, doubling since 2017.”

Some states have lifted the statue of limitations. “The statute of limitations to file suit on the abuse has expired, as Pennsylvania law requires that childhood sexual abuse victims file lawsuits prior to turning 30. The men, some of whom are in their fifties, are instead suing over the alleged cover-up, the report said, and they are part of an increasing number of alleged clergy abuse victims pursuing this alternate course to challenge the Church in court.”

“In a Sept. 4 tweet, Bp. Joseph Strickland of the diocese of Tyler insisted Msgr. Walter Rossi, rector of the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., should be suspended while under investigation for homosexual predation.”

“At the very least, McKiernan notes, it signals that prosecutors are cognizant of respective developments in prosecuting what is not only a national but a global child sex crime scandal within the Catholic Church.

“My sense is that prosecutors are talking with each other and there’s increasingly a received wisdom about how the church operates in managing these priests and how it operates in deflecting and defending itself when that time comes,” McKiernan said.”

“Malkin’s book details the open borders lobbying that Catholic Church officials, all the way up to Pope Francis, have been involved with, specifically noting the work between billionaire George Soros and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops ,who routinely advocate for mass immigration to the U.S.

“Your average conservative consumer of information is very, very familiar with the name George Soros, but I think they’re less familiar with the interaction and the infrastructure between George Soros, the Vatican, the Catholic Church, and every one of its sub-organizations — the Conference on Catholic Bishops, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services,” Malkin said.

“People need think very carefully if they sit in Catholic Church pews on whether they are going to donate to the annual Thanksgiving fund, because that is multiple, multiple millions of dollars that’s going to go straight into amnesty shills that operate as a compassion network when really what they are is a smuggling network,” Malkin said.”

What to do with professional liars? Watch their actions not their lips.

“I (Janet Smith) often have to be careful about how much and what I tell the seminarians I teach. Recently a seminarian said to me, “We want to know if the bishops will have our backs when we get ordained.” I assumed he had in mind if someone made false accusations against them, or if they gave homilies defending controversial truths of the faith, would the bishops support them? Quite spontaneously, I said, “No.” Immediately I felt bad because I never want to say something that might derail a vocation. But then I thought, “He needs to know the truth — this is the Church to which he intends to dedicate himself.”

A priest to whom I told this story said, “Actually, the bishops have not had our backs since the Dallas Charter.” How sad, that young men know that bishops have gone to great lengths to cover up for child abusers and to protect vow-breaking priests, but these same bishops will throw faithful priests under the bus if some wealthy parishioner doesn’t like the amount of Latin in the Mass. That conversation haunted me for days.”

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