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“The two cardinals who are alleged to have helped cover this up are highly placed in the Vatican. The first, Angelo Comastri, serves as the vicar general of Vatican City.

The second, Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, president of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, is a name so familiar in stories like these that it is difficult to understand why he’s not rotting in a cell somewhere.

According to Viganò, just like the McCarrick case, the pope was informed of the accusations by the primary witness, but refused to act:…”

“We may be forgiven the impression that the chief concern of leading Churchmen continues to be the management of scandal, rather than real address of the crisis. It is true now — more so than it was nearly a year ago, when I said in these pages — that the true scandal is the evident carelessness of senior Churchmen for victims denied justice, for the faithful sorely tried, and for everyone who has a right to the Gospel, hence to the Church as Christ desires her, not as her appointed shepherds have made her.

One way or another, the Catholic Church’s house will be clean. In November of last year, the questions were: “Who shall do the work of cleaning?” and “Will the cleansing come before the fire sale, or after it?” The longer Church authorities delay acting, the more likely it becomes that Caesar will be the one to clean the Church’s Augean stables, and direct the fire sale, whenever it comes.”

“How incongruous this position is for Bishop Barron. In an August 2019 article from the also theologically troubled Jesuit magazine America, Barron was praised for meeting to discuss philosophical and theological matters with Dr. Jordan Peterson. Barron was lauded for discoursing with someone who has beliefs vastly different from his own. The article even avowed: “At some point, however, Bishop Barron’s example is not simply something to be studied: It should be acted upon. We need to get off the sidelines and try our own hand at evangelization.” One hopes that Bishop Barron rises to the example for which he is praised and consents to a similar platform for a fellow Catholic.

It all seems so sanctimonious. For Bishop Barron to refuse a debate with Dr. Taylor Marshall, simply on the grounds that Marshall wrote Infiltration, not only substantiates Marshall’s argument that the hierarchy in the Church has been infiltrated, but also furthers a narrative of what I call the Episcopal Leviathan.”

God’s generals assembled.

Generals assembled.

“ God has chosen all of us to live in a time of crisis in the Church unlike any other in history.  What an honor!

Do not be downcast or anxious.  Think of the graces he will offer us if we live our vocations well and remain faithful, hopeful and charitable.   The harder the times, the more abundant the grace, the greater the glory.  And we are for greater glory.

That said, it is an honor to live in these days principally because it’s a time of war.   We are being called to serve in our militant roles more than ever.  Some will be in the front lines and some will be in supporting roles.  All must be ready to go either to the front or behind the lines, depending on the circumstances of their vocations and God’s will.  Even those who are in supporting roles have to bear arms and train, and I implore you to ready yourselves in study, thoughtful reflection and prayer.

Christ always wins in the end.

Last night, Bp. Schneider’s new book was presented formally to an audience of prestigious participants, including several Cardinals.  This was an important event.” October 15, 2019