Catholic News

“ Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas drew attention to the analysis. He stated on Twitter Wednesday, “This report by the Lepanto Institute must be proven to be false. If what Lepanto says is accurate then we should call for a thorough investigation of CRS.”

The confusion must stop,” Bp. Strickland continued. “Promoting contraception is immoral and we are reaping sin’s devastation.”

“ Socci said that the virus has revealed the “great hypocrisy of the ‘progressive Church’” in that while Pope Francis said that the “shepherd must take the smell of the sheep,” he and other shepherds have holed themselves up and have decided to stay “well clear of the sheep and their breath.”

“The other slogan from Bergoglio was ‘the church is a field hospital.’ And here, as soon as the epidemic broke out, traces of this field hospital are totally lost,” he wrote.

Socci said that the situation was “completely confusing for Catholics, who feel as if they have been abandoned by those who should be their pastors.”