China News

“ The Vatican abandoned the underground, loyal Catholics of that country. It handed control of the Chinese church to Communist party puppets. The cleric who negotiated the deal? Now disgraced child-molester and ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The former Archbishop of Washington D.C., he helped groom and choose many of America’s leading bishops.

In the wake of the deal, persecution of Christians has increased, not diminished. China is censoring bibles. Bulldozing churches. Replacing Christian images with pictures of its President XI. Meanwhile, China enslaves, imprisons, rapes and tortures more than a million helpless Uighur Muslims. Pope Francis says not a word. But he’s eager to pounce on every effort of Western countries to humanely regulate immigration.”

The Vatican’s Alliance with China: More Evil Than We Thought

Never forget McCarrick’s essential role in this scandal.

“ In reality, the action is a punitive measure against Guo and his priests for refusing to join the “independent” Catholic Church and is part of a wider crackdown in the Mindong diocese in Fujian province, which has become a “pilot project” for implementing the Vatican’s 2018 disastrous secret accord with China, Asia Newsreported.”