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Get every last yuan.

“ According to the legislation, which is cosponsored by two Democrats, the proposed law will “provide for the reimbursement of this state for the actions of the People’s Republic of China in causing the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus.”

The bill calls on the state treasurer to “determine the amount of damages, costs, expenses, and other losses that this state has incurred as a result of the coronavirus” at every level of government, which are listed in the legislation.

“The state treasurer shall send an itemized statement of the damages, costs, expenses, and other losses … to the People’s Republic of China with a formal demand that the People’s Republic of China reimburse this state.”

 Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and four others were arrested and charged Tuesday for their alleged involvement in what a U.S. attorney described as the largest bribery and money laundering ever perpetrated against the state.

  1. S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio David DeViller told reporters at a press conference that the five defendants passed and maintained a $1.5 billion bailout in return for $61 million in dark money.

That money was used to line the pockets of the defendants, to build Householder a power base, and to further the conspiracy.”