China News

“ The Bitter Winter report this week focused on a town in Shandong province, northeast China, where locals say CCP officials began taking down the crosses from all legal “Three-Self Patriotic” churches. The “patriotic” church is the Party-approved version of Protestantism in the country; only four other religions — Chinese Catholicism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Islam — are legal in the country. The campaign to remove the crosses in the town, identified as Dazhongcun, reportedly began in July.

“Amid the demolition, one of the town officials told onlookers that, ‘crosses must be removed from all churches because Christianity does not belong in China,’” the magazine reported.”

“Strickland incorporated his message on trusting in God with other observations he had on the situation the Church is facing in China.

“It’s just tragic how that’s unfolding in China. And it’s being allowed by the world governments and even by the Church,” he explained.

“We know that Communism means no Church.” If “John Paul II [was] on the scene dealing with it…he would blast [China]. I mean, he lived it…so many have lived what communism really is about.”

Strickland further argued that the mission of communists is “to get rid of God, and so pretending that they’re going to allow the Catholic Church…to really operate in an atheistic communistic system, it doesn’t make sense. It’s not going to happen.”