China News

“Researchers investigating organ transplantation in China have concluded that such incredibly short waiting times for organs are only possible if the hospitals have a living donor system in which people can be killed on demand when their organs are needed.”

Cdl Zen was correct. “The committee commented that, of all the countries, “China is in a category all by itself.” The report spares no words for the vicious Chinese regime: “One such saga is currently unfolding in China where the government has been particularly pernicious toward religion and religious believers during the last 20 years — and increasingly so in recent years, including in 2018.”

“The Hebi Municipal Radio Administrative Bureau gave a presentation titled “Christianity’s Enormous Harm on China’s Security,” to party members in the city of Hebi in China’s Henan province, reported ChinaAid, a Christian human rights organization that promotes religious freedom and rule of law in China.

“The Chinese government often views religions, including Christianity, as foreign attempts to undermine its rule, even though there is no evidential basis for such a claim,” the China Aid report states. “As a result, they often try to suppress religious adherents, and they openly forbid Communist Party members from practicing a religion.”