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“Reggie Littljohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, explained to EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo how the secretive nature of the Vatican’s agreement with the Communist Party-ruled government is being exploited by Chinese officials in a destructive manner.

“Pope Francis says is he’s trying to unify the two churches, of the underground church and the above-ground church,” said Littlejohn. “But what’s happened in fact is that because that deal is secret, the Chinese Communist Party has been using it to bludgeon the Church, decimating churches, decimating Marian shrines, detaining priests.”

What can the United States and other Western governments do to push Beijing into stopping the persecution of Christians and allowing religious liberty? 

Cardinal Zen: I think it is a duty for everybody who knows the reality to say something, but I don’t see much hope for any success because now they [the Chinese Communist Party] feel that they are powerful and so they can despise anybody’s words.

They feel free to do anything they like because they are strong now. So, it is a terrible position. But we do well to keep raising our voices. So, I hope there is still some honest and intelligent people in government that may pay attention to those words. So, I encourage you to do this ― maybe without success, but it is our duty to do that.” 

Biometrics aid in organ harvesting.

“Christian churches are smashed and worshippers jailed; Xi has even bullied Rome into letting him choose Catholic bishops in China. Re-education camps house 1 million Uighers in a province teeming with hi-tech surveillance. Twelve million other Muslims suffer stepped-up repression and systematic abuses, notes Human Rights Watch. Buddhists deemed members of the Falun Gong movement pack prisons that provide involuntary “organ donors.”

And Hong Kong’s promised “high degree of autonomy” has become a joke. The mainland has even begun to databank its residents’ biometrics (DNA, fingerprints, voice samples, etc.), the obvious basis for eventual Big Brother surveillance.”

Actually this horrid regime is coming down. Like the Soviets. Deo gratis.

“Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was on CNBC and he explained the masterful manner with which President Trump is dealing with China.

The Chinese regime is in a precarious position and has only two choices.   They can either give the US what it wants or perish.

Bannon’s talk was historic.  He discussed how China is at economic war with the US.  He said America was losing until President Trump. “ 

Where is PF and accompaniment? Awful. “The formation course is a platform that integrates theory with practice, thus obtaining a clearly positive result. At the end of the course, the bishop of the diocese of Mindong Zhan Silu, vice-president of the Chinese Episcopal Conference, director of the Patriotic Association of the Fujian province and responsible for the present course spoke of the three results obtained with the course:

first, the students clearly understood the future direction of development for the mission and values ​​that a Christian must have: that is, pursue the path of sinicization with determination.

Secondly, the participants clearly understood the responsibilities to which they are called, as priests and protagonists of social progress who, during the process of sinicization of Catholicism, must fulfill their functions by contributing to the unity and harmony of the Catholic Church in China. Thirdly, they have clearly understood the historical mission conferred on them by the present age, namely to maintain unity, love the homeland and religion: this is therefore the divine mission that the present age confers to every Christian.”,-the-patriotic-formation-of-Mindong-priests.-Is-this-still-the-Catholic-Church-47750.html

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