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Stick a fork in the Chiacoms. Only a matter of time. Like the supposed invincible Soviets.

It is different with President Trump.  The President knows he has the authority and ability to inflict a fatal blow to the Chinese economy.  The US is arguably in its best economic period in history while China’s economy is its weakest in 30 years. 

The President knows that now is the time.  China “

“In short, there’s evidence that amid that sea of millions of Hongkongers protesting communism from China, some of them are mainland Chinese. Message: the mainland Chinese are getting ideas. The Chicoms of Beijing cannot wall them out from Hong Kong nor can they stop this.

And this raises the specter of what happens when they return to China, because many of these Chinese have their families there, and they will. Are these Chinese going to return back to China and spread that democracy ‘virus’ they passionately embraced in Hong Kong, kicking off similar protests in Chengdu, Tianjin, Harbin, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other giant cities to duplicate what the Hongkongers launched? It actually seems plausible.”


“The dried flesh of dead infants appears to be the not-so-secret ingredient in a health supplement that is reportedly being smuggled out of China.

The performance-enhancement pills, touted for increasing vitality and sex drive, have been found in the luggage of tourists and in international mail, according to South Korean authorities.

They said they had confiscated nearly 17,500 of the human flesh capsules since last August, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The tariffs were only the beginning. Remember the Soviets & Reagan?

“The protests that have engulfed Hong Kong have morphed into cries for full democracy, something that has to be Beijing’s worst nightmare.

As Austin Bay, citing the reporting of Michael Yon on the ground in Hong Kong, has noted (hat tip: Instapundit), the protests have moved well into the realm of civil unrest.  Anecdotally, the whole world has seen how they have featured American flags, the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner, and signs calling for a Second Amendment.  Young Hong Kong leaders have turned up in Taiwan with talks about taking in refugees now.  Even leftists in the states have started scolding each other for not taking a more assertive stance on standing up for the Hong Kongers.

There’s a feeling a Rubicon has been crossed, a bridge has been burned.

The other thing worth noting in this is that Beijing’s nightmare is far from over.  The protests not only have engulfed Hong Kong, but are actually no longer about Hong Kong.  Chinese citizens have been caught sneaking over the border into Hong Kong for no other reason than to join the protests.  The impact of the protests has already spread — far into the Chinese interior and into Taiwan.”

I guess Cdl Zen & Mosher were correct in their predictions. “Sometimes, Zhao must leave her house early without breakfast and take three buses to reach the gathering point for attending Mass ever since the Communist Party of China (CPC) blocked access to her parish church before Christmas 2018 in Xintaizi in the archdiocese of Shenyang.

“When I get up, I simply grab some food and eat on the way. If I finish eating before going out, I’ll be late. If I eat only after Mass, I would faint from hunger,” she told UCA News. “The conditions are difficult but we can’t do anything about it. The government doesn’t allow any party or individual to rent a house to the church for us to attend Mass.”

Zhao’s experience is becoming increasingly more common for the underground faithful, as the CPC blocks access to more of their churches and gathering points. “

“With speakers habitually explaining their acquiescence to the one-child policy by claiming that they “had no choice,” One Child Nation proves a portrait of powerlessness in the face of an authoritarian government that demanded blind obedience, and didn’t care about the human wreckage caused by its demands.

Wang and Zhang craft their material as a chronological journey, each step uncovering ever-more-depressing realities, and it culminates with a poignant passage about a young girl who was denied an adolescence with her twin sister after the latter was taken from their home and, shortly thereafter, adopted by Americans.”

Why yes, yes I remember Mosher……

“Remember Stanford scholar Steven Mosher?  Way back in the 1980s, the man was reviled in scholarly circles for exposing just these brutal realities about China.  Instead of being praised for adding to the scholarly body of knowledge, he was abused, slandered, accused of process crimes, and eventually kicked out of his Ph.D. program because he reported the truth about what was happening.

This was at the urging of the Chinese government, which wanted all news of its cruelty kept hidden — the lies-violence cycle that Alexander Solzhenitsyn described as so necessary to all totalitarian tyrannies.  I recall that controversy back when I was a student studying Chinese history, and my professor (I won’t name him, because, well, I liked him) called Mosher “a rat” because his revelations about China’s forced abortions and human rights violations angered the Chinese communist government and caused it to limit opportunities for scholarly research on China.

Yet the only thing Mosher was really guilty of was the highest responsibility of a scholar, which was to tell the truth.”

China News “Actually, women in poor countries, like women everywhere, pretty much have the number of children they want. Unless of course they live in a country which practices population control. Take China, for example, which for decades has dictated to women how many children they can have–one–and when they can have it. A new documentary called One Child Nation explains how this worked in practice in China. Bernie should watch it before proposing population control as a “solution” to global warming–or anything else, for that matter. The documentary details the 35 years of suffering that Chinese women and girls endured under the policy, which ended in 2015.”

“Officials began their campaigns to pressure women and their husbands into abortions by firing them from their jobs, destroying their homes, seizing their livestock and other property, and imposing impossibly steep fines. But those Party officials carrying out this cruel and inhumane policy didn’t stop there. Pregnant moms who refused to abort were summarily arrested by local Family Planning officials and taken by force to abortuaries, where their unborn children were killed by lethal injection.

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