Christmas The longing of Jesus’ coming gives way to the joy of Jesus’ arrival. This is the true joy that comes into the world. A joy that no one can take away. The Gloria is sung, bells ring out. Our best clothes are won, and best meals are served.

Jesus as God, begotten of the substance of the Father before time began and born of the substance of His Mother in the world is given to us.

By union of our souls with Jesus born to human life, we are born to divine life. We are not entitled to divine life nor is our nature capable of it in its own right.

In the birth of Jesus, we learn to know God as Father and not just Creator. His deep longing of love for each of us is made manifest.

Humility in the cave, humble shepherds adoring, choirs of angels singing, Magi from the east worshipping, and Herod seeking His death and causing profound sorrow in the process.

Advent is the season of the absence of Jesus, Christmastide is a season of great joy in our possession of the Savior. Jesus is NOT the privileged way; He is the ONLY way. He came to us when we could not save ourselves. The Incarnation is the beginning of our Redemption through grace to supernatural life.[1]

Let the party begin!!!!!

Modern world statement, people party in preparation, feast starts, immediately back to work.

Preparation for preparation sake. Lack of appreciation, of such magnitude can be so long lasting

Abridged Christmas season shortened from Presentation of Lord to temple.

Baby moon, 40 days of Our Lady enjoying the infant Child

Wonder & Awe of new life in arms

Babies & fire both can be looked at for hours

Reflect of Christ each day

Want Christmas days to linger

Too quick to give those days a way

 Practical Tips

Simplify. This sounds nutty but without it cannot built in time to the schedule, where is the time for reflection?  Be judicious in what you do. Leisure is the Basis of Culture

No manual on number of tasks to perform. Each day is its own. Each day is god leading up to Christmas.

Examination of Conscience best friend, am I thankful

Advent wreath at table

Advent calendar, need the chocolate candies, sweetness & goodness, matter & spirit chocolate goes a long way with these holy days. Scriptures sweetened with chocolate

Memory helped by using all the senses.

Ex/ broad terms confession, priest reflecting on penance, give lady the bag kisses. Reflect on God’s goodness, kiss to your soul from God.

Readings at breakfast table devoted to the season.

Feasts interspersed through the season- St. Nicholas, Immaculate Conception, Juan Diego, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lucy, John, and ect…



Parish Mission

Good Movies- It’s a Wonderful Life

House blessing (USCCB blessing book) on Epiphany

Don’t let celebration end to quickly. Don’t stress over creating perfect event. Our lord was born in cave/hut. Love of God is simple, help children detach consumerist perfect holiday.

Detachment <> Simplify

[1] Roman Missal 1962 & Daily Roman Missal 3rd Edition 2010