Citizen Journalist

This election was a good rehearsal for 2020. Identify the criminal cheaters, tighten the system, and buckle up. “In tight races, Democrats are always the party who magically (fraudulently) obtain thousands of late votes –“

“So with Judicial “Top Cover” already set, and a RICO predicate being used by the FBI and DOJ I would offer three Rules to stop this once and for all:

Rule 1: Be very careful to not overly empower a corrupt process by accepting their terms of engagement. So far, it is their rules on their turf. Change that by FBI/DOJ interrelation.

Rule 2: See Rule 1 and bring Senate Majority leader in support to this fight-it is his Senate and that would give unity of purpose by all three branches of Government.

Rule 3: Start immediately arresting people in Florida-TODAY.

Immediately, arresting identified criminals will totally change the linear narrative established by those currently engaged in or reporting on those fighting “the last war.” “


“Suburban women in modern America can live wonderfully pleasant lives without ever having to face the hard choices and difficult circumstances of past generations. Many live very comfortably with two big paychecks entering the household bank account every month. “


Who is responsible? Who defunded necessary measures that could have mitigated this disaster? Who profits from it?


“Though the state does not collect data on straight-ticket votes cast, there have been generally fewer Republican straight-ticket votes and more Democratic straight-ticket ballots in Texas’ largest 10 counties over the past four presidential elections. “