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“Amid a flurry of accusations of inappropriate touching and crowding people’s personal space leveled at former vice president Joe Biden, President Trump announced Friday that Biden is his appointment to the Transportation Security Administration.

Biden will be tasked with showing TSA agents how to violate people’s personal space and privacy in their daily groping of American citizens. He already has “dozens” of charts and infographics he began to hand out to TSA workers all across the country, creeping up on them and gingerly setting the files in their hands as he whispered his instructions in their ears.”

“Consider college tuition. The overwhelming majority of low-income students are eligible for means-tested scholarships and grants. Every year, the federal government disperses between $25 and $35 billion in Pell Grants alone. Capable low-income students are rarely denied a higher-education based on finances alone. Middle-class and upper-middle-class students, by contrast, are bearing the brunt of college tuition, which means that they, and they alone, will benefit from abolishing tuition.

The same applies to health care. The truly poor and the working poor are already covered by a variety of programs and subsidies, including Medicaid. By extending these benefits to everyone, the tax pool will be tapped not to pay for the care of the poor, but for the care of the middle class.

Worse still, such a plan would effectively swamp the system, making it harder for those already covered by government programs, especially the elderly, to receive care. All of this means that “Medicare for All” would constitute a wealth transfer to the middle class at the expense of the poor and fixed-income retirees.”

The Internet never forgets.

“The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, whose office of Refugee Resettlement is overseeing the analysis of the Baldwin County air fields, said there is no political link.

“We evaluate where there is space available,” said Andrea Helling, spokeswoman with HHS. “We evaluate space all over the country in places that have Democratic politicians and Republican politicians. We have an operational and legal responsibility to take care of these children. We are looking at all of our options to make the best use of taxpayer dollars.””

Do we want secret courts for this type of case?

“A guilty verdict would have a “chilling effect” on open justice and democracy in Australia, said Matthew Collins QC, a lawyer representing all of the charged media organisations and reporters.

The county court of Victoria last year put a suppression order on reporting of Pell’s trial, or its eventual outcome, to prevent jury prejudice ahead of a second trial, which was eventually dropped.”

I never post on actors. But this is probably the most true thing Cher has said that I know. Props to her.

“Pop icon Cher said Sunday that Los Angeles, California, “can’t take care of its own” residents, much less newly arrived illegal and legal immigrants.

Cher said she failed to understand how the city of Los Angeles in the sanctuary state of California could afford to admit and take care of any more immigrants when city officials have failed to care for homeless, veterans, and poverty-stricken Americans.”

Cui Bono?

The dumped call was discussed on 77 WABC’s Bernie and Sid in the Morning, where hosts Bernie McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg defended Donohue by saying he was “horrifically” treated by Cavuto and the “more-rational answer” is that the fire was caused by terrorism. Donohue went on to say said that he blames Fox News’ higher-ups for the abrupt termination of his segment.”

“French churches are coming increasingly under attack with an average of nearly three churches per day targetted for vandalism alone over the past three years.

A report from the Central Criminal Intelligence Service (SCRC) of the gendarmerie noted that from 2016 to 2018 there had been thousands of cases of church vandalism, peaking in 2017 with 1,045 cases, Le Figaro reports.

According to the French Ministry of the Interior, when cemeteries and other sites are taken into consideration, the number of acts of vandalism rose to 1,063 in 2018.”

Dark dirty money.

“Campaign Contribution Evidence i. Facts At trial, the government intends to introduce witness testimony and documents demonstrating that in 2007, the defendants and their co-conspirators were involved in an illegal scheme to exceed contribution limits to a presidential primary campaign.

Witness testimony, corroborated by documentary evidence, will demonstrate that at least 14 members of the Nxivm community, including at least five defendants and co-conspirators, made the maximum campaign donation to a primary campaign with the understanding that they would be reimbursed by Bronfman or Nancy Salzman.”

The question is, where do the dinosaur news get their revenue? Obviously, not from ratings or they would have corrected their reporting or gone bankrupt? Who has the money to keep them afloat?

“Compared to the same week last year, fake news CNN has lost a whopping 47 percent of its primetime audience and 41 percent of its total day viewers.

TV News is reporting that this CNN’s worst week in prime time all year.

Imagine though if you took away airports and gyms that play CNN 24/7 it would probably be much worse.”

“Mueller is also a man who thought it appropriate to conduct guerilla-style military raids on Roger Stone and Paul Manafort – danger to the public that they are – and toss Manafort into solitary confinement. All for crimes that had nothing to do with the counterintelligence investigation.

Recall that this was not a criminal investigation, and unlike previous independent and special counsel investigations, no crime was even alleged when Mueller was appointed. Indeed, all of these indictments were for process crimes that occurred either during the special counsel investigation itself, or in the case of Paul Manafort, financial crimes committed before joining the Trump campaign.

These facts alone suggest Robert Mueller was willing to go almost to the ends of the earth to produce something, anything, that could lead to the president’s removal from office. He failed. But while he may not have delivered the goods on Trump, he certainly left a long enough trail of breadcrumbs for Democrats to gobble up and spit out for as long an anyone will listen. A lovely parting gift, indeed.”

Trump must go on offensive. What the Dems & Weaponized ABC Intelligence Agencies must not happen again. What would have happened if HRC had won? This is not a game.

“All roads lead back to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Obama’s corrupt FBI, DOJ and intel agencies all used Hillary’s phony Russia dossier to spy on Trump’s campaign.

Attorney General Bill Barr recently stunned the Democrats and their stenographers in the media when he said during a Senate hearing that he believes spying did occur during the 2016 election”

“I have to say, I like him even more now than I did when he was just a hero priest with great facial hair. The man has his priorities straight, and I absolutely love that he stopped to give benediction of the Cathedral with the Blessed Sacrament, calling upon Jesus “to help us save His home.”

“Last week Mike Pompeo spoke at Texas A&M University, itself long known for being a favored recruiting ground of the CIA, considering too that one of the university’s last presidents, Robert Gates, was CIA chief and later served as Bush and Obama’s Secretary of Defense.

During the Q&A session, Pompeo boasted that in the CIA both the training and culture are geared toward the following:

“We lied, we cheated, we stole.” 

Interestingly, a Christian religious news broadcaster was the only media that seemed to pick up on Pompeo’s words last week, and described it as follows: “that’s not the resume of the Secretary of State… that’s the resume of Satan.”

 What began as a means to undermine Trump before the 2016 election ultimately became a means to undermine his presidency. The Mueller investigation, a 22-month effort to uncover alleged Russian collusion predictably turned up nothing, and thankfully, Attorney General William Barr appears to be willing to do something to find out how the illegal spying began. Combine this with Obama’s role in meddling with the investigation of Hillary Clinton, and we get what is truly the biggest political scandal in history. Richard Nixon, had he not resigned, would have been impeached for much less than the crimes of Obama here.”

  Dark Money & Voter integrity.

“The heavily Soros-funded American Civil Liberties Union and Brennan Center for Justice based in New York both served as consultants in drafting Amendment Four.

Soros’s Open Society Foundations donated $50 million to the ACLU. The Brennan Center has been the recipient of numerous grants from Soros’s Open Society Foundations totaling over $7,466,000 from 2000 to 2010 alone.


“The Florida Democratic Party itself is reportedly planning to spend at least $2 million to register new voters. The party is seeking to hire full-time organizers and utilize the services of data science firms in their Florida efforts, Politico reported.

Juan Peñalosa, executive director of the Florida Democratic Party, said the party would work with Gillum on the drive to flip Florida.”

An in depth study of dark money. Coupled with voter integrity, makes elections immaterial. Ask Niko LaHood. The ends justify the means. “The Capital Research Center has exposed and documented a massive “dark money” network created by a former Clinton administration staffer that is quietly leading attacks on the Trump administration, originalist judicial nominees, pro- life policies, and much more—and all under the guise of “philanthropy.”8 9 Between 2013 and 2017, this hydra-like network took in a staggering $1.6 billion which it used to advance the political policies desired by wealthy left-wing interests through hundreds of “front” groups: websites designed to look like full-fledged “grassroots” organizations.10 And those interests pay well: the network’s revenues grew by an incredible 392 percent over that same period.11 It’s likely 2018 tax returns (not yet available) will show continued revenue growth for the network. To date, some 340 of such front groups have been counted in a list that continues to grow.12 13 It’s a nexus of hidden funding and invisible strings, and the left-leaning Politico, looking at just one of its parts, called that tentacle a “liberal secret-money network,” made up of nonprofit groups that spend millions of dollars to shape elections and policy, “even while criticizing ‘dark money’ and its effects on politics.”14

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