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Ask Nico LaHood former DA of San Antonio about this.

 A left-wing criminal justice advocacy group with ties to George Soros is targeting nearly 500 prosecutor and sheriff elections across America in 2019 to install leftist local officials who will be soft on crime and refuse to cooperate with U.S. immigration enforcement.”

Soros Groups Target Far-Left Candidates for Local Sheriff and DA Elections While Soros’s Son and Obama Focus on Redistricting Campaign

“ Last night we also received word that AG Barr’s Justice Department’s review into the actions of Deep State players before and after the 2016 election by DA John Durham has turned into a criminal investigation. ”

“ Now a private forensic pathologist hired by Mark Epstein to monitor his brother’s autopsy has offered an opinion that bolsters what conspiracy theorists have suggested for months: that the available evidence does not support the finding that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

Dr. Michael Baden, one of the world’s leading forensic pathologists, viewed Jeffrey Epstein’s body and was present at the autopsy — held Aug. 11, the day after Epstein was found dead at the notorious Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Manhattan.”

My friends, we are witnessing our Lord & Lady stirring in the land….

“ The rapper also discussed his family life, saying that while “people thought it would be uncool to be married,” in reality his marriage to Kim Kardashian is “heavenly” and “magnificent.” The father of four added that he hopes to ultimately have seven kids, because “the richest thing that you can have is as many children as possible,” said West.”

“ As many as 20 officers at the federal prison in Manhattan where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself have been subpoenaed.

Federal investigators sought the grand jury subpoenas as they try to piece together the events leading up to Epstein’s suicide at the Metropolitan Correctional Center earlier this month,”