Comrade Bergolio

“The group, named after the most influential interest group at the Second Vatican Council which submitted numerous amendments to conciliar documents in a bid to uphold tradition, sent the Register and other Catholic media outlets a copy of the propositions.

The group stresses that although “numerous” bishops, priests and laity share the concerns, no names will be revealed “because of the growing climate of intimidation and purges present in the Roman Curia and in the Church in general.”

As has been often noted, Pope Francis and his cohort never engage in theological dialogue, despite their constant claim that such dialogue is necessary. The reason is that they know they cannot win on that front.  Thus, they are forced to resort to name-calling, psychological intimidation, and sheer will-to-power.

…..” Thus, in fear and trembling, we need to pray that Jesus, as the head of His body, the Church, will deliver us from this trial.   Then again, he may want us to endure it, for it may be that only by enduring it can the Church be freed from all the sin and corruption that now lies within her, and be made holy and pure.

On a more hopeful note, I believe it will be the laity who bring about the needed purification.  Pope Francis has himself stated that this is the age of the laity.  Lay people see themselves as helpless, having no ecclesial power.  Yet if the laity raise their voices, they will be heard.

More specifically, I believe it will depend mostly on faithful and courageous Catholic women.  They are the living icons of the Church, the bride of Christ, and they, in union with Mary, the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church, will birth anew, in the Holy Spirit, a holy Body of Christ.”

Pope Francis and Schism

“ Make no mistake: this is a calculated attack, timed to decimate the morale of those resisting the agenda of this diabolical synod while leaving the pope free to continue swinging his atomic sledgehammer at the structures of the Faith.”

Scalfari, Friend of Francis, Claims Pope Believes Jesus Was “Not a God At All”

9 interviews with Scalfari. 9

“ There is the current denial in nascent form: not a verbatim transcript, but — and this is the part they no longer admit, because they can’t — a representation that “accurately captures the sense of what the pope had said.

As for the promised correction of any grave misrepresentation, it never came. Not that time, not any of the NINE times, by my count, that interactions between Scalfari and Francis have made the news. Here those are, with links:”

The Evidence Suggests The Francis-Scalfari Connection is No Accident

No accident. Signal given and received. Naïve is a charitable term.

“ I have long believed that Francis uses Scalfari as a primary means to launder his most extreme ideas, allowing them to take root in the Catholic consciousness while keeping him free of any proven guilt. Scalfari benefits because the Church is no friend to his ideology. Even the Wikipedia entry on his publication states that “La Repubblica used to be known for its critical stand vis-à-vis the Catholic Church, but this position has drastically changed after the onset of the papacy of Pope Francis.”

It is a naturally symbiotic relationship between two men who appear all too comfortable with anti-Catholic ideals and a vision for a world free of the traditional mores and teachings of the Church.

Only the most naive among us think the ongoing collaboration of these two is an accident.”

The Evidence Suggests The Francis-Scalfari Connection is No Accident