Strickland a true shepherd.

“Meanwhile, instead of closing ranks, most of the U.S. bishops went silent on the issue, leaving their comrade-in-arms to suffer all the abuse by himself.

One notable exception was Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX, who came to the defense of his brother bishop.

“Please stop labeling bishops who speak the truth of the Gospel as homophobic,” Bishop Strickland tweeted Sunday. “God gave us sexual intimacy for the procreation of children and the deeper union of a man & woman in marriage.”

“After the institution of the New and Everlasting Covenant in Jesus Christ, no one may be saved by obedience to the law of Moses alone without faith in Christ as true God and the only Savior of humankind (see Rom 3:28; Gal 2:16).”

“Some will scoff at yet another declaration of what Catholics believe in lieu of more dramatic action, but this effort promises to be a significant and historical attempt to re-establish the fundamentals of Catholic belief at a moment when some prelates in the highest reaches of the Church have been tireless in their efforts to sow confusion and even to replace divinely revealed truth with a false gospel.”

A brief list of those who have spoken up. Not included is Vigano’s impeccable testimonies. I discount Weigel’s recent claim of knowing about McCarrick a year ago to Raymond. George is peddling book sales this summer 2019.

“I look at the efforts made. The filial appeal that garnered nearly 800,000 signatures, including hundreds of bishops and cardinals. The 13 cardinals letter. The Theological Censures against Amoris LaetitiaThe dubiaThe Filial CorrectionThe Fr. Weinandy letterThe Kazakh bishops’ statement. The Bishop Schneider essay on how to handle a heretical pope. The papal heresy open letter. The Declaration of Catholic Truths.”

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