Dark Money

Have you had enough of RINOs?

  • The attitude of city, school, and county officials towards taxpayers was summed up in the title of a presentation by the Texas Municipal League: “Shaking The Money Tree.”
  • Put simply:They want unfettered access to your wallet, and they will use your own money to block any legislation empowering taxpayers.
  • So you understand just how little the Texas Municipal League – an entity funded and operated by cities – thinks of the citizenry, that presentation was made by the entity’s legislative counsel, Bill Longley. Cities join TML with your money, and city officials – elected and unelected alike – attend TML conferences with your
  • If your city is a member of the Texas Municipal League – and almost every city is – then you are involuntarily fundingyour own political opposition in the Texas Legislature.
  • TML is just one example.Transparency Texas reports more than $107 million has been spent over the last two years by taxing entities to lobby state government against the citizens.
  • Michael Quinn Sullivan https://texasscorecard.com

So why is Abbott changing the rules this time? And why so soon?

  • Capitol sources tell Texas Scorecardthe governor’s actions are in support of State Rep. Drew Springer, an eight-year member of the Texas House who has been openly campaigning for the position since Fallon announced his intention to run for Congress.
  • Once identified as a “Taxpayer Champion” on the Fiscal Responsibility Index in his first session in the Texas Legislature, Springer broke with conservatives to support House Speaker Joe Straus for re-election in 2015. His record on various conservative rankings has declined in each session since.
  • Most recently, Springer received a 64 on the Indexin part due to his decision to join with Democrats in an effort to water down Republican legislation that would ban taxpayer-funded lobbying.
  • Though Springer has been the most active candidate on the campaign trail, he is not the only individual expected to contest the seat. Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther, who was briefly jailed after not complying with Gov. Greg Abbott’s business closure order, has announced she plans on running for the seat.
  • “You better bet I’m putting my hat in the ring,” Luther said Saturday at a Denton County rally in support of police officers.



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