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Ann Barnhardt Video Notes

I offer the points that stuck me as confirming my conclusion that Benedict never ceased to be the Sovereign Pontiff and that Bergoglio is an anti-pope. I highly recommend watching her 5 hours of presentation. The videos do move quickly, the power points are helpful. Do not make the mistake I did and wave them off relying on so called expert opinions.

“If you happen to have seven hours free over the next few days-weeks-months and are looking for something to pass the time, I do have four hours of video exposition on the logical, legal  (canonical) case why it is, exactly, that Jorge “Francis” Bergoglio is an Antipope – long-short, Pope Benedict’s attempted resignation in February of ARSH 2013 was illegal twelve ways from Sunday.  If you want THE WHOLE STORY, a very good start would be my two video presentations.  Part 2 does NOT repeat much of Part 1 at all.  It is a genuine expansion, which is why I did it.”

Part I (Jan 10, 2019 Bergoglian Antipapacy)

  • False premise Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the Pope. I understood that I could either accept Jorge or accept 2000 years of consistent tradition but I could not accept both. I had experienced cognizant dissonance. Two things in opposition cannot be simultaneously held to be true.

  • Canon law is meant to be accessible to all, not just to canon lawyers, theologians, and other assorted thought leaders. If I cannot understand the law but must rely on what someone says the law means, then I am vulnerable to being abused. The forward to the Canon quoted at the beginning of this declaration says this clearly. When I read the Code, I am struck by its clear language. I weep, like the Israelites did, on hearing the Law read to them. The wept and rejoiced because they understood. Neh 8:9

  • Benedict XVI attempted a partial resignation. The fleshing out of this act is worth the 2:16:48. I think one of the fruits from this very dark period will be a more robust understanding of the papacy and a diminished need for the College of Cardinals. The Cardinals have only one job, electing the Pope. When the Cardinals were caught having made a terrible error, they obstinately refused to correct it. I know many are under abject fear with good reason but that does not excuse them. Those who do a mea culpa, sooner rather than later, have a hope of maintain respect. But the ability of the episcopacy to police themselves is unlikely. Our Lord will not be mocked. Our Lord and few faithful souls will rise up

  • Canon 188 A resignation [of a Pope] made out of grave fear that is inflicted unjustly or out of malice, substantial error, or simony is invalid by the law itself.[1]

  • I noted the fear and malice abundantly present surrounding Benedict.

*Ann highlights an incredibly important quote showing the mindset of Benedict, that the papacy is a forever decision for him. It is not the question if a pope can resign, which is yes. Why would the canon discuss wrong ways for doing something if there was not a right way?

Out of the 2000 yr history, there have been 5 unambiguous renunciations, 4 disputed claims of resignations, and a fifth one involving an anti-pope resignations.[2] Out of this very small number, none of those who resigned ever attempted to continue in their office or exercise their ministry.

Consider Benedict XVI’s own words:

“Here, allow me to go back once again to 19 April 2005. The real gravity of the decision was also due to the fact that from that moment on I was engaged always and forever by the Lord. Always – anyone who accepts the Petrine ministry no longer has any privacy. He belongs always and completely to everyone, to the whole Church. In a manner of speaking, the private dimension of his life is completely eliminated. I was able to experience, and I experience it even now, that one receives one’s life precisely when one gives it away. Earlier I said that many people who love the Lord also love the Successor of Saint Peter and feel great affection for him; that the Pope truly has brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, throughout the world, and that he feels secure in the embrace of your communion; because he no longer belongs to himself, he belongs to all and all belong to him.

The “always” is also a “for ever” – there can no longer be a return to the private sphere. My decision to resign the active exercise of the ministry does not revoke this. I do not return to private life, to a life of travel, meetings, receptions, conferences, and so on. I am not abandoning the cross, but remaining in a new way at the side of the crucified Lord. I no longer bear the power of office for the governance of the Church, but in the service of prayer I remain, so to speak, in the enclosure of Saint Peter. Saint Benedict, whose name I bear as Pope, will be a great example for me in this. He showed us the way for a life which, whether active or passive, is completely given over to the work of God.”[3]

  • I have noted for some years that Benedict continued to act in the capacity as a Pope. The white, the papal blessing, the fisherman ring, the use of the throne name, the occasional pronouncement or book release. Ann highlights the same thing. Two men acting as pope. One is true, one is not.

  • No such thing as Pope Emeritus. Novel invention. John Paul II suffering of Parkinson’s would have been an opportune time to attempt to bifurcate the papacy. JPII did not do this.

  • Look at the result of this massive massive error. The Church shuttered throughout the entire world. Never before been seen or done. There have been viruses, pandemics, plagues before. The cessation sacraments to the laity by clerics is novel. It looks like the work of an antipope.

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