Declaratio, Sovereign Pontiff is Benedict XVI, Anti-Pope Bergoglio, Dedication to Pete Episode 2


Part II

After the ‘election’ of Bergoglio the theological and pastorally erroneous statements he made became quite common. At first, I tried to find suitable excuses for these statements. After the wretched statements became too numerous, I ignored them for many years. Finally, I determined it was my cross to live under a ‘bad pope’ as some past generations of Catholics had to endure. Badness was not for me an occasion to reject the claim that Bergoglio was pope.

Vigano’s Testimony, first published on Aug 22, 2018, Queenship of Mary, that ripped the blindfold off of my eyes. I revisited the errors inserted by Bergoglio into the regular teaching of the Magisterium.

For example, the death penalty in the current edition (3rd) of the Catechism is one instance. The numerous errors in Amoris Latiae is another  I could see the common legal technique of imbedding time bombs of problems within a verbiage. The fact that AL has some good points does not negate the distributed errors. Discernment.

The blasphemous erection of Moloch on sacred ground  and the worship of a pagan idol, Pachamama, was confirmation for me of magisterial and doctrinal errors.

Thomas Aquinas’ opus magnus, Theologica Summa, is divided into three large parts: God, Creation & Christ. Creation, being such a large part, is thus subdivided into two parts. Eco sins and pagan worship is well covered and developed in Catholic thought. Nature an inanimate creature cannot ask for our pardon. A third big error from the magisterium Laudato Si .

Vatican I Council taught that the pope cannot err in faith and morals. Bergoglio had errored in faith and morals. So, either the council taught error or Bergoglio is not the pope. If this council taught in error, how do I know other past councils had not taught in error? If the people of God cannot know which pronouncements are fully in accord with God’s truth, how can one know past pronouncements by other pontiffs were truth?

My first conclusion, Bergoglio is not pope.