Digital Warriors

“ Here come the Contact Tracers. Who are they? According to Dr. Robert Levin, Health Director for Ventura County in California, they will be an army of people hired, trained and compensated by the government to identify “people who have COVID-19,” at which point the authorities “will isolate every one of them;” i.e., forced quarantine.

That’s just the beginning. Levin goes on, “We will find every one of their contacts and we will make sure that they stay quarantined.”

But what if the living conditions for the targeted persons are not conducive (in the State’s estimation) to quarantine in the home; i.e., no extra private bathroom, small quarters for multiple people, etc?

“We’ll be moving people like this into other kinds of housing that we have available,” Levin said.

Does this sound like incarceration? It should.”

Local & State  elections matter. Where do big fish come from? Small fries. Get involved. Demand transparency, legality, integrity.

“ There is nothing new about Obama seeking private information in order to smear a political opponent.  It was well known that when he ran for the Senate in 2004, a California judge ruled that the divorce papers of his opponent, Republican Jack Ryan, be released.  Both Ryan and his wife argued that the disclosure of the closed records would be harmful to their son, and they both opposed public disclosure of the documents.  With the release of those documents, Ryan withdrew from the U.S. Senate election, and Obama sailed into the Senate without an opponent.  That scheme was not a new tactic for candidate Obama.  His opponent in the primary, Blair Hull, was also a divorced man with sealed records from 1998.  In the infamous Chicago, Illinois politics in 2004, an enterprising reporter “discovered” that Hull’s wife had previously sought a protective order against her husband.  Obama “cruised to victory” in the primary — with the impossible odds of the same circumstances enabling him to win the general election against Ryan.  One analyst described Obama as “lucky with his enemies” — a man with a fortunate history of “hapless opponents.”