Don’t New York My Texas

“New York state goes to extraordinary lengths to catch wealthy residents who try to flee its burdensome taxes, leaving a gaping hole in the state’s treasury.

The aggressive approach by state tax collectors comes as the Empire State faces a $2.3 billion budget deficit that even Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo called “as serious as a heart attack.” 

“Texas is ground zero for us in the next election,” Pelosi reportedly said at the Travis County Democratic Party’s Johnson Bentsen Richards Dinner. “When you helped win in 2018, you were doing something very patriotic for America and when we win a great Democratic victory — and it’s essential that we win the victory in 2020 — we will know that that victory was our destiny.”

Pelosi told activists to know the power that they have to change the country—and the world—by turning Texas blue and giving Democrats the Lone Star State’s 38 Electoral College votes.”


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