Economic Freedom Basics: #adulting VI

Do get discouraged by shenanigans.

  1. Communicate in a positive and informed manner with government leaders and ourselves.
  2. Frankly acknowledge, most government leaders do not always have their citizenry’s interests at heart, but some do. Get to know who they are and support their efforts. Take responsibility for own life.

Constructive communication better than tearing down. Important to call out injustice but not just condemn endlessly. Think of solutions for healthy civic life. Operate out of goodwill and not hate. Relationships are the antidote to cronyism.

  1. Acknowledge economic prosperity is not taught in schools. Are schools the repository of all learning? The first step in learning is knowing one is ignorant. The second step is making the choice to learn.

Learning is more than concepts. Experiencing different cultures is an incredible education.

  1. Take initiative to learn something about economic prosperity. States with higher freedoms have happier populaces measured by population increases and a more vibrant life. Learn the concepts so one can recognize those who promote freedoms from those who don’t. Then in the primaries, one can vote with better information.
  2. Ted & I took seminars, courses, read books. Quality information is power. Personal responsibility.
  3. Look for groups of grassroots activists based on free market initiatives and constitutional rule of law. Not left versus right but right versus wrong. Coming together with other folks helps people to avoid getting overwhelmed, tired, feeling hopeless.
  4. Light a candle rather than curse the darkness. Economic freedom not only helps me and my family in the United states but also contributes to economic freedoms around the world.
  5. Younger generation tasked with wonderful opportunities enpite of difficulties. Struggle is important to learning.