Education or Indoctrination? Pursuit of Truth VII

VIII Main objection to having children is the fear of educating them properly or incurring incredible student loan debt. Different strategies to consider.

IX Trade school vs college? Many current parents’ avoiding college in large part to indoctrination.

Parents’ don’t even think they can be educators of their parents. Sophists top down assigned meaning to the term. Product of same sophist education. Einstein outside the box of current education. Similarly to Rush Limbaugh, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Google, Amazon guy. Diminished be the elites and shackled.

Get out of indoctrination box 1930’s lower grades grade school in a box.

Military (Son’s path)

ROTC soldiers during COVID, people taken control authoritarians, want the office and power that it wields. Best of the best booted out not in conscious take a vaccine. WE need to somehow fight against this.

Get education first as an officer, join and receive income, GI Bill accrued when joined. Who will be serving under commander and chief. Community college 2 yrs, the matriculate into state college.

  1. Alternative forms of education: The Collegium[1] Hagerstown

The Collegium is an independent institution of higher learning that pledges full fidelity to the unchanging Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Faculty and staff are practicing Catholics who are fully supportive of the Collegium’s mission and have signed the Oath Against Modernism.

The Collegium is committed to keeping the cost of attending college as low as possible. The cost for room, board and tuition is approximately $16,800 per year.

Interesting idea, imminently repeatable in a 3rd tier city. To be away from elitist, 100K population services necessary without being overwhelming.

European education, liberal arts scholar. Broad-based learning. Learn how to learn. Work requirement. Institutional colleges, no obligation to show proof of benefit with a large price tag.

Administration supposed to be in loco parentis to advise the students.

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