Episode 10 Annunciation Part 2

Feast of Annunciation

Humility of Our Lady

God gives us true perspective, personal perspective not self-centered but from Our Lord

Humility of our Lady, not self-abasement. Our Lady’s humility my soul magnifies the Lord

Lean humility honest vision of self, truly see as are, not what we hope to be.

What God is asking at that particular moment.

Too often think it is self-abasement, not good enough, flip side of vanity.

The Glories of Mary Alphonsus Liguori pg 362

This “angelic salutation” as it is called, is very pleasing to the Blessed virgin. Whenever she hears it, it seems to renew in her the joy she felt when Saint Gabriel announced that she was to be the Mother of God. That is why we should frequently recite the Hail Marys. “Greet her with the angelic salutation”, says Thomas a Kempis, “for it makes her very happy to hear that prayer. Our Lady revealed to St. Matilda that no one could greet her in a more pleasing way than by reciting the Hail Mary.

Those who greet Mary will also be greeted by her. …. Blessed Alanus maintains that “just as all heaven rejoices when a Hail Mary is said so the devils tremble and flee. Thomas a Kempis reports that this sis so on the basis of his own experience. He says that one day a devil appeared to him but fled instantly when he heard the Hail Mary.”

All her prerogatives derive from this singular grace being Mother of God point and time at the Annunciation. Humility recognizes great grace, gives all the glory back to God. Do whatever He says. She stands at the foot of the Cross with St. John.

Seeing the crucifixion, ever lasting kingdom, never lost her faith. He wants our belief or trust like Our Lady.

Receives this message from the angel perfect humility. Does not see it through inadequacies but taken a vow of perpetual virginity. How can it be? Outside of natural order. Immediately accepts the answers and renders her fiat.

Immediacy, in action, immediate acceptance of will of God.

Gospel does not place Mary at the tomb on Easter Sunday. He is not there. She waited after doing what was needed on Friday. She waited, He appeared to her first.

Perfect disciple at both ends. Knows with certainty. She was instructed by Him. Jonah. Faith would do what He said.

She is astounding!

Theotokos, JPII June 5, 1996, General Audience pg 99

“No one fails to see how the affirmation of the exceptional privilege granted to Mary stresses that Christ’s redeeming action does not only free us from sin, but also preserves us from it. This dimension of preservation, which in Marty is total, is present in the redemptive intervention by which Christ, in freeing man from sin, also gives him the grace and strength to conquer its influence in his life.

In this way the dogma of Mary’s immaculate conception does not obscure but rather helps wonderfully to shed light on the effects in human nature of Christ’s redemptive grace.

Christians look to Mary, the first to be redeemed by Christ and who had the privilege of not being subjected even for an instant to the power of evil and sin, as the perfect model and icon of the holiness (cf. LG 65) which they are called to attain in their life, with the help of the Lord’s grace.”

Gives us a Christian hope we can share in it, Mary realized dignity MOG, dignity of who lives in Me, daughter of God, Patrick and Augustine realized who they were.

Real Christian is like a power station, in way like our Lady’s dignity, no room for abasement and negativity.

Sons & daughters of Most high God, Holy Communion state of grace. 2nd Person. Augustine, our Lord created without our assistance, but not saved without our cooperation.

Mary is aware of graced fiat, so to our own salvation. Desires for us, our best good.

God completes us. Not robots, sons and daughters called to be with him forever.