Faith & Reason

“ We bishops and priests need to explain publicly the necessity of Catholics to pray and worship in their churches and chapels, and to go in procession through the streets and ways, asking God’s blessing upon His people who suffer so intensely. We need to insist that the regulations of the State, also for the good of the State, recognize the distinct importance of places of worship, especially in time of national and international crisis. In the past, in fact, governments have understood, above all, the importance of the faith, prayer and worship of the people to overcome a pestilence.”

“ Christians also should remember that even during the Black Death, churches did not shut down. They should think about whether or not capitulation to a far less dangerous disease than the bubonic plague may reveal more of their timidity than of compassion for one’s neighbors.  They should understand that once a State considers certain elements of society as nonessential or even as contaminating, that as surely as night follows day, purges and pogroms eventually happen.  They always do.

Further, as long as Christian churches are in lockdown, they have effectively been scattered into a new diaspora, fragmented and blown to the four winds by secular authorities; as the Hebrews were deported to the far ends of the Babylonian empire after the destruction and plundering of Solomon’s temple by King Nebuchadnezzar.”

“ Videos posted online Friday by the Philly Transit Riders Union Twitter account show police ordering passengers not wearing masks off a bus and forcefully removing one non-compliant passenger. The videos are a harbinger of things to come in America’s coronavirus police state. While such measures may be necessary in virus hot spots, it was just a few weeks ago Americans were advised by the federal government to not wear masks. The balance between the common good and civil liberties will be sorely tested in the days and years ahead.”

Video: Police Drag Passenger Off Bus for Not Wearing Coronavirus Mask in Philadelphia

“ The traditional mode of teaching students how to think has been replaced with teaching them what to think. Thus, “social justice education rejects the idea that classes should aim at teaching a subject matter for its own sake, or seek to foster students’ ability to think, judge, and write as independent goods.” Social justice education aims at creating activists because ultimately, “[t]he ideal of social justice does not complement the ideal of education. The ideal of social justice replaces the ideal of education.”

Sustainability and diversity are lynchpins of social justice activism. Social justice theories “encourage teachers and students to be actively involved in … ameliorating discriminatory policies and practices.”