Fatherhood & Sacred Heart 10

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Practical Segment

Greg & Sara have 10 children, exceptional husband.

What does it mean to be father, and how does he help himself grow. Rule giver, disciplne, buck stops, person defends his wife. External tangible signs of fatherhood.

Interior eta ad Joseph, go to Joseph. Human father Joseph model.

Joseph is silent in Scripture, discovering Joseph, lost authentic fathers searching models. Instructed us in elements of being a good Father.

Fr. Calloway Consecration to St. Joseph

Cdl Sarah’s book Silence. Silence is not powerlessness. Speak when appropriate.

Model of meekness and terror and demons.

Law giver, enforcer, honor of motherhood.

Ted said discipline the children. Novena to St. joseph, terror of demons, strong man.

Trustworthiness, rely on God Father is dependable and stable. Sure foundation on which to build.

God’s wisdom, instruct kings and common man alike. Faithfulness.

No wandering eyes. Purity of heart.

Matrimony like patrimony state of being a father, matrimony lead into state of motherhood. Man leads woman into matrimony maker of woman a mother. Without husband no making of mother. Husband proud of the mother he has made is beautiful.

‘One thing more beautiful than young love is old love.’

Wisdom, discipline, trustworthiness, presence sharing toils, respectful huge in fatherhood. See destruction by its absence.

Mercy of God, no heaven without it with sincere repentance and growth. Not enabling of poor choices, true contrition and desire for amendment, like the father of the prodigal son. So many images for those seeking role models. One has to look up for them.

Surround ourselves with people who have same desires.

Only place complain husband is confession, go no further. Wise priest, good confessor might help see own contribution. Friends will not build him up, over time believe you. Your at the mercy of your own trap laid.