Fatherhood & Sacred Heart 8

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6 Liturgy Readings

NB the unity of the Father & the Son (cycle A Mt 11:25-30), the piercing of the Sacred Heart at the Crucifixion (cycle B Jn 19:31-37) and Finding of the Lost Sheep (cycle C Lk 15:3-7) that Holy Mother Church wishes to show her children. Together these Scripture passages show us the sacrificial love of Jesus, the mercy of the Father, the unity of God.

Profound gift reading readings, love notes from God, all goodness conceived and to be conceived. God abundant goodness foreseen in Scripture either Old or New Testament.

7 Indulgences[1]

The Sacred Heart. This devotion, long privately practiced, was approved by Pius IX, 8 May, 1873 (Rescr. auth., n. 409), and urgently recommended by Leo XIII in a letter addressed by the Cardinal Prefect S.R.C. to all the bishops, 21 July, 1899. Indulgences: (a) seven years and seven quarantines each day for performing the devotion publicly or privately; (b) if the devotion is practiced daily in private, or if a person assists at least ten times at a public function, a plenary indulgence on any day in June or from 1-8 July (Decr. Urbis et orbis, 30 May, 1902); (c) the indulgence toties quoties on the thirtieth of June or the last Sunday of June (26 Jan., 1908) in those churches where the month of June is celebrated solemnly. Pius X(8 Aug., 1906) urged a daily sermon, or at least for eight days in the form of a mission (26 Jan., 1908); (d) to those priests, who preach the sermons at the solemn functions in June in honour of the Sacred Heart and to the rectors of the churches where these functions are held, the privilege of the Gregorian Altar on the thirtieth of June (Pius X, 8 Aug., 1906); (e) plenary indulgence for each Communion in June and to those who promote the solemn celebration of the month of June (“Acta Pontificia”, IV, 388, 8 Aug., 1906).

Plenary indulgence= Complete attachment of all sin, Communion, Confession, prayers for Sovereign Pontiff

Lively hope seen contra to modern esoteric terms. Sacred Heart is real, beating human heart. God became man in His nature is unity became man. Profound enter into His creation not superficial but of it. Danger always dealing with abstract terms. Humans know what 7 years. Christ lived in seasons, something real that modernism has stolen. Something is no longer present. Perhaps as basic as time is quantifiable, there is a finite span of time. Something to ponder. 9 consecutive First Fridays, 12 distinct promises, 12 men something have resonance to human mind. Silliness of past built Notre Dame. Modern man has given me McDonald churches.

[1] https://www.newadvent.org/cathen/10542a.htm  accessed May 11, 2020